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Basra Asian Food

Ahmed Jelly Falooda Mix 225g

Ahmed Jelly Falooda Mix 225g

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Drink & Dessert Mix

Preparation Method:

1) Add the given jelly contents in 3/4 cup (Approx. 125ml) boiled hot water, mix until dissolved, cool to set at room temperature or in refrigerator, jelly is ready for Falooda. pan & boil at low flame for 25-30 minutes, then mix the contents of Jelly Falooda

2) Take 1 1/2 litre milk in a cooking stirring (at medium flame), Now Now decrease the flame & cook for 10 minutes, stir with intervals, cool it at room temperature, then in refrigerator. Delicious Jelly Falooda is ready. Serve with Jelly and crushed ice or strawberry ice cream or tutti fruity ice cream


Sugar, Coloured Wheat Vermicelli, Dextrose, Modified Starch, Raisin, Almond, Pistachio, Basil Seed, Carageenan (E-407), Acidity Regulator: Adipic Acid (E-355), Potassium Citrate (E-332), Artificial Strawberry Flavour, Permitted Food Colours: Tartrazine (E-102), F.D. & C. Yellow No. 5, Sunset Yellow (E-110), F.D. & C. Yellow No. 6, Brilliant Blue (E-133) F.D. & C. Blue No. 1, Allura Red (E-129), F.D. & C. Red No. 40. Note: These colours may have an adverse effect on activity & attention in children.


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